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In west Bengal, Dooars is the getaway of beautiful north Bengal. This place mainly famous for the reserve forest, tea-garden, and rivers like tista, Murti. This place is ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers. In wild sanctuaries, you can find elephants, rhino, deer, and tigers also many kinds of birds like pickok. Also, you can go for a little trek and hiking, river rafting and camping on the riverside. Here we are going to discuss some of the main places for you.

The entrance of Dooars starts from NJP(New Jalpaiguri) or Bagdogra airport from there you can easily book private cars for Lataguri. From there you can visit Garumara national forest. This forest is known for rhinos, bison, and deers. From the hotel, you can take cars on a jungle safari.

For jungle safari, the best time is early morning or before evening so book the car as early as possible from the hotel. The safari takes 2 hours, you can find the best adventure in your life. The next day you can visit the Capramari wildlife sanctuary with murti and Jhalong. This place is popular for trekking and adventure.

Next day plan for Bindu. This is the last village situated on India and Bhutan border. Best place to feel the river, hills, and local culture.

The next day morning starts a new journey for Madarihat. You can find a very nice tea-estate, basically, Dooars know for tea garden. After seeing the sight scene rest on Madarihat. The next day morning from there goes to Jaldapara national park.

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