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All about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is a large family of many viruses that cause illness from the common cold and goes up to several diseases, according to WHO. Mainly if the patient has a history of heart disease, lung, kidney, respiratory or any immunity problem then this virus will more harmful. Many dead that are registered have those causes.
This virus came from China, Wuhan city. They are transmitted between animals and people. Near 107,811 people affected in this situation. over 3661 are dead all over the world. Detail investigation found that COVID-19 came from civet cat to people.

Common signs

Common signs are respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, breathing problems. In more severe cases the infection can cause pneumonia and also kidney failure even death. Mostly it shows 4-5 days after inhaling the virus from different sources.

Source: Local governments/World Health Organization
Last update: March 8, 2020

Basic protection against Coronavirus

Coronavirus alive about 9 days in cold weather, so we must have some basic protection against this virus.

Wash your hand Properly and frequently

After you came from outside, wash your hand with sope, alcohol-based rub so that the viruses are totally killed by that. clean our fingertips and nails properly and also wash your dress every day.

Maintain social distance

Maintain a minimum of 1 meter or 3 feet distance between the people you meet. cause for coughing or sneezing.

Avoid touching any body parts like eyes mouth

During outdoor, do not touch any open area like nose, mouth, eyes. cause hand can transfer the virus hand to hand.

Use mask

Use only the N95 mask. It will protect you from attack. Do not use a common mask.

Stary protected during traveling

During traveling it’s highly recommended to use an N95 mark. Do not use common toilet sope, napkin, and any common usable thing. During fever do not travel anywhere. Try to avoid any congested area and street food. Use hand sanitizer.

If you have a fever and symptoms as we discussed early, consult with the doctor immediately and do not spray misleading messages about food.

Do not panic about this virus much cause this is not a 1st virus that we are facing, we have very protective immunity power. The death rate is just 3.4% so think about this. stay safe and be happy.

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