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3 steps to improve your karate kick

How to improve kick

Do you want to improve your kicks? No matter which style of martial arts you are practicing and what kick you are doing because it’s all about technique and biomechanics. Our body has an inbuilt learning power so the kick will improve day by day with perfect guidance.

Today I will discuss 3 basic part of any kick that is Speed, Balance, and Power. This 3 part is from traditional karate and the advantage of traditional karate is it purifies from generation to generation of masters and continuously correcting the error from every aspect.

1. Speed

In every kick, we are focusing on the extension of the leg to reach the opponent, but we overlook what happens before and after the extension, which is a contraction. When we close our knee to the belt level for kick and after kick same as close the knee to the belt is the perfect posture for a kick. But usually, most of the people only focus on the extension of the leg which means the kicks are most slow and wavy. They drop the kick at the front after they kick because they don’t do the preparation for start and ending the kick properly.

So you need to understand how to close your knee very first then all you do is straight out the leg and close your knee joint again as first as possible, like a rubber belt. If you pull the rubber belt the tendency of the belt to close first. This is the key point, and like I said it does not matter what kick you are doing. All you need to close your leg then open for kick and same time close your leg. Focus on the first and last back.

Your link to the past is the bridge to the future.

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2. Balance

Now we are going to talk about balance. The common problem when we are going to kick is balanced your kick and body weight. The main problem is you need to balance your body in one leg and other for kicking right? The main reason that you going for kick but your main foundation not ready to do that, so at first you need a good foundation of body balance, and the way to do that you need to learn to shift your body balance in one leg to another, it helps to learn your leg muscle to transfer the weight and balance. Everyday practice Tai Sabaki, it’s related to whole body movement. It’s very widely used in kendo, jujutsu, karate, aikido etc.

Balance you do not find in the air, you need to do a good constraction for that.

3. Power

The most common problem is pushing yourself for a kick but the main technique drops your body to the front leg and kicks not push the kick. The perfect position is to drop down your weight forward and grip the ground with the front leg, now you generate the power from the ground and transfer the weight to the kick, That’s means now your kicking leg generate power and deliver to the opponent. This is the key factor.

So, next time drop down slightly and boom. Your kick now super first and effective.

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Do your practice regular from basic

There are so many different hidden within the tradition, you have you uncover and follow them. If you find this article useful, please share and check our more article.

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