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Beauty hacks for busy girl….Some more tips

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So we promised to upload the last section, now here we are. Today we will discuss about lips, hair and nails. Especially this tips for busy girl but we didn’t say other girl cannot use this. Try these tips and do comments and let us know it is good or bad. Now we are starting to discuss the rest part of beauty hacks.

Lips :

How to get elegant lips:

Here are the easy tips to make your lips seem full and it takes just a couple of seconds. First apply your lipstick what you want and after that use a lighter shade lip liner to the center part of lips, upper and lower both. After that take the brush and gently blend that color swapping the brush left to right like a gradient feel and at the end add some shiny lip gloss. Now your lips will look glossy and sexy too.

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How to soften you lips:

Take a soft tooth brush and gently massage on your lips. Your lipstick will cover your lips evenly and it will look smooth. If you practice this tricks everyday then you can see good result may be in a week.

How to relief from chapped lips:

This tip will work very well and you can get relief from this. Take a green tea bag and press gently on your lips for 2 min. Using this tip you will get smooth and moisturize lips.

Beauty tips, beauty tips for girls, nail care, hair care, herbal care, home made beauty careHair :

How to get perfect hair ASAP:

Being a busy girl, you can also choose your own hair style. Try to choose easy hair style which suits you and it will go on your profession. Like Flower style, Two-minute curls, Halo Headband, Double Knotted Pony, Undone Bun, Beach Waves, Pure-Braid Pony, Simple Temple Twist, Voluminous Ponytail, The Grand Side Sweep, Bun Secure, Triple Topsy Tail etc. you may try.

Dry hair process:

Dry your hair as fast as possible then use cotton t-shirt instead you towel because t-shirt absorbents better than towel and if you get over the night you can get natural curls in next morning.

Travelling time care of your hair:

You know baby powder or dry shampoo is very oil observer.  Gently apply on your scalp, not too much and brush your hair gently and by using this tips your hair will look clean and fresh.


Get perfect hairstyle at morning:

This tips for those who love to sleep long time in morning. Before going bed make 5/6 mini bun all of your hair in divided sections and fix them well. In the morning apply dry shampoo on your hair and untwist the buns. This way you can get fabulous hair style as you want.

Nails :

How to fix your broken nails:

Generally girls give so much attention and time on their nails. Going every week to the parlor is more expensive, right? But you can quickly fix your broken nails at home by using paper towel. Take a piece of paper towel and keep on the piece on your broken nails and apply nail color nail-polish.

How to remove fast your nail-polish:

Take two sponges into a jar and leave a hole in the center. Then pour nails-polish into the jar and then put your figure one by one into the center, rub gently. See your nail-polish will remove easily very quickly.

Beauty tips, beauty tips for girls, nail care, hair care, herbal care, home made beauty care

Fix your manicure:

To fix you own manicure quickly just first use your transparent nail-polish and then apply some glitter. After that keeps your nail on cold water. It will fix that polish and helps to solid it also.

How to fix cuticles:

Olive oil is the best therapy to fix your cuticles. Use olive oil drops on your nails. It will moisture’s your nails. By this process you can easily remove excess polish.

Except these make-up tips remember always each and every girl is beautiful, in any shape any skin color whatever they are. Most of the time no make-up needs to looks beautiful. Beautiful by your own heart, be kind, be gentle and always keep smile from heart, love yourself first, no matter what is the tough situations you faced. Just be yourself. Thank you for stay with us. We will look forward on your comments girls, please share your ideas with us.

Tips of the day:

You can add honey on your tea instead of sugar.

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