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Beauty hacks for busy girl

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Life in these 21 centuries, there is no time to relax. Everyone always in a hurry on their lifestyle. Most of the time girls spent so much time in their make-up. But using this tips they can use less time and will improve their make-up style in a new way and be stunning as usual. So in these ways you can change the daily beauty routine and get flawless look.


Dried up mascara in summer:

Eye lash will be last longer 3-6 months if you following this tricks. But if it will irritate on your skin then never try this. First you have to wipe out the clumps of your mascara brush. Then if you want new vibes on mascara use eye drops on the bottle. You can couple of drops into to bottle and shake it very well, mix it well on your mascara. You can put the mascara bottle on some warm water, it will save you mascara for a bit longer. But careful doesn’t let the water on the bottle.

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How to get Hollywood cat eye look:

Drawing a cat eye look is not so hard. You have to maintain the lines. First you have to draw a line from the out of corner on your eyes end of your eyebrow, then check cemetery both on your eyes. After that you have to create a little duchess or dashes over the line on the lower part, it will help to create an ideal smudges and then connect another line from upper part to connect the line and fill it up.

Stunning eye shadows:

At morning just wash out excess oils from you face very gently. Then apply special foundation primer to avoid eye shadow smudges. If you applied primer very well it will be perfect for your make-up, or else may be you make-up prevents to be perfect. To get to deeper color us a light eye pencil at first.  Then touch up the rest as you want.

beauty hacks and tips, beauty hacks and tips, beauty hacks for busy girls, makeup tips, facial hair remove, beauty hacks eyelashesGet dramatic eyes:

To get your eye lashes floppy, use one layer of mascara. Then use skin powder on you lashes and go over with a medium make brush. Be careful when using this because of your eyes. Then use second layer mascara and if you can bend the mascara brush in 45 degree angle it will be easier to apply.

beauty hacks and tips, beauty hacks and tips, beauty hacks for busy girls, makeup tips, facial hair remove, beauty hacks eyelashes

Mascara magic:

If you don’t have eye pencil or eye shadow handy then you can use mascara as replacement. Take a thin brush and use from your mascara brush to create eyeliner or the upper eyelid. Then rest you can use to complete your look.

How to use smudge free mascara:

When you apply you mascara on your eye lashes then hold a little piece of paper behind the eye lashes and apply it. By this way you can get smudge free mascara look and this curves will stay long.


Lock the flaws on your face:

Use different colors concealers to hide flaws. Green concealers hide the red spots and pimples. You can use this by using your finger or sponge. If you have pigmentation’s or yellow patches you can use purple or blue concealers and you can use this to hide you dark circle. Do not use this directly under your eyes, it just for highlights your flaws, so create a triangle and keep using gently by your figure.


How to do minimal make-up:

This is for those girls who are always hurry.  Apply eyeliner just on upper lash line because of this you face you eye lash look floppy a bit. It is a easy tip to look gorgeous.

How to fix make-up very fast:

Take a paper napkin and carefully tap on your face. After that you need to apply power a little bit on your chin, under eye area and around your lips. You don’t like power then you may use gloss like a light powder, the minimal one.

Get a flawless skin:

If you didn’t enough sleep then make-up will you get rid of this. In the morning just wash your face cold water and apply ice cube on the under eyes area. It helps you to look fresh and bright and ice help to reduces inflammation. On the pimple you may use nasal spray, pimples will be less noticeable.

How to make natural make-up remover:

Coconut oil is the best eye make-up remover ever. Apply a little bit coconut oil on removal pad and gently wipe over with this. Be careful to using this, do not use this on your under eye skin.

Relief form facial hair:

Take 1 table spoon of oatmeal paste, 2 table spoons of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of honey. Mix them well and apply them on your face for 15 min and then wash this mask with warm water. If you can use this mask 2/3 times in a week then it will help you a lot.

Prevent from acne:

You need to wash your very gently. If you are taking shower then don’t need to use your hand. If not then you can gently touch your face. If you wash your face like this you may expect a good result.

So here are tips of eyes and face. We will come again with tips of hair and lips in our next part. Till then please wait for the next part. Hope you are enjoying these tips. Stay healthy, keep smiling.

If you can drink green tea daily your acne problems will get solved quickly and skin will look flawless.

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