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Today we are going to discuss a Healthy Life Style. As we are moving everyday very first and speedy, the cause is to maintain our family and life better but we are every day overlook our body condition, daily habit’s and also inner peace. That’s why heart disease is increasing day by day with several health-related and also nerve-related problems.

So, we are discussing 5 best tips on the lifestyle that will make your life easy.

1. Go to bed early and wake up early morning

It is must to have a good sleep every day. Sleep mainly divided into two sections like deep sleep and light sleep. Try to continue the deep sleep in an average minimum of 3 hours and all total sleep minimum 6 hours. That increases your metabolism rate your inner immunity power and also develop your brain cell repair and construct your brain cell also body cell. So that you can get a fresh and energetic morning.

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2. Drink fresh water

As we all know 60% of our body is made up of water, so we need to hydrate our body to drink enough water. The main function of water is to maintain our basic body working system. By carrying nutrients and oxygen to our body cell, all the cell has a chance to develop, also water remove body waste. Water also helps to lubricate our knee and other bone joints. In general, we need 2-7 liter of water per day, it depends on your body weight and kidney condition.

3. Eat fresh fruits

In our daily speedy lifestyle trend is to eat first food. We are neglecting vitamins and minerals. This is so bad for your health. You need to eat daily fresh vegetables and fruits that are colorful. It helps you to recover Vitamin C, A, D, and B12. Eat at daily morning banana, papaya, water lemon, blue barriers, Apple, Honeydew, Mango, Orange. Make the selection of fruits seasonally. It has anti-oxidant for the session and related disease.

4. Meditation

Meditation gives your mind some quiet and peaceful time to work behind the scenes. By strengthening your ability to calm your mind, you will increase your power of intent and focus. As you do so, an element of your goal to start taking shape in your mind. We are discussing more on this topic because it is a very detail process. We don’t want to miss guide you with short details.

5. Do regular exercise (Cardio)

In life, there will be roadblocks but we will overcome it. Another one. In our body system, there are many blood vessel if there is any block build by cholesterol then we have to remove it with the help of regular exercise mainly cardio and weight training. Aerobic exercise the most effective way to reduce belly fat. Another most effective way to reduce belly fat to vacuum your belly by a breath out and hold it up to 10seconds. Make this process daily 10 times and also morning walk is very important.

Let’s start to love your life and your health.

The key to a more healthy life is to do a regular minimum 1-hour average workout with running and weight training, also take good nutrition and always hydrate your body.

It is very important to maintain your BMI and check up with a specialist once in 6 months after 40 years of age.

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