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Diwali – the festival of lights!

Diwali is most centennially one of the biggest and brightest and most important festivals in India. Well Diwali is popularly known is the festival of lights. Spiritual meaning behind it is the awareness of the inner light or the atma. The celebration of Diwali as the victory of the good over evil reveal of the light of higher knowledge displaying all ignorance. The word Diwali is come from Sanskrit language is called “Dipaboli”. Based on Hindi and Bengali calendar Diwali falls on the between October and November on an amabasya or moon less night. Celebrated as the victory good over evil the festival is associated the legend of the Hindu god lord Ram returns to his kingdom ayodhya, after 14 years in exhale. According to mythology the people of Ajodhya let up clay land known as diyas to welcome him on his returns from exhale.

Attractions of Diwali:

Girls and women are dressed up with new cloths and new jewellery and their hands are decorated with henna designs.

Decorated lights, flowers, Diyas and crackers are hot listed of all shoppers in this time.

This time also can mark the highest sell of traditional sweets. The sweets are exchange and families and relatives are come together and enjoy this.

The idols of Ganesha and Laxmi are seen everywhere in the market in this time. Hindus strongly believe that goddess of Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and in this time they clean their houses and arrange a puja.

These day people buy silver or gold because it symbolize the prosperity.

In Diwali times people decorated their house by lights, diyas and most beautiful art is rangoli. Mainly rangoli created by sprinkle of colour but it is the beautiful art which is made by hand. Rangoli encourages Laxmi and relatives to come into the home.

Diwali, kali puja, bengali festival, Indian festival, ma kali

In Bengali style Dipabali:

In Bengali culture it is called dipabali and it falls before the day of Diwali. The Bengali does Kali Mata Puja this time. According to mythology when Kali was so angry and no can help her to calm down then Mahdev lay down of Kali Mata. When Kali Mata step her foot on Mahadev then she realize her fault and then she calm down. So in this time Kali Mata destroy all the bad spirits and come to us a good life that is why in this time all Hindus worship Kali Puja this time and pray for good and healthy life for all of us.

Diwali, kali puja, bengali festival, Indian festival, ma kali

Celebrated with crackers:

All of the people celebrated this time with so many crackers all over the night. Use to cook some delicious food. People get together and enjoy this.

This tradition was start from 15-17s century when mughal’s are in India. All civil society celebrates each other festivals. This time 1st they celebrates with crackers.

Diwali, kali puja, bengali festival, Indian festival, ma kali

Pollution and harmful sounds for animals:

All over the India is celebrated this time with crackers but it is very harmful for all of us. It burns so much oxygen, create pollution’s and in results people have to wear mask on their face after Diwali. People use to spend of millions of rupees to celebrate this single day, don’t care about other thing. Mostly some people use to celebrate with cracker bomb which is very much noise pollution’s and so much harmful for street animals. They feel scared and cannot live anywhere to keep calm. So please keep in mind less sound and less crackers so that we can remove these pollution’s at the end. After all its about our fresh air and oxygen.

So enjoy your Diwali, Dipabali with your families and relatives. Stay safe from fire and harmful effects.

Diwali, kali puja, bengali festival, Indian festival, ma kali

Bhai Dooj:

After Diwali/dipabali Hindus celebrated Bhai Dooj. It is mainly for brothers. Hindu women are pray for their brother long life and safety. This day falls of the second day of Diwali. Women offer fruits and sweet to her bothers and they gift in return. That is called Bhai Dooj.


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