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Does alcohol kill coronavirus? some myth busters

It’s proved that coronavirus can survive all areas, like the hot humid areas as well as cold areas. The virus transmitted itself. There are some common myths we hear on the news and other sources, today we are going to discuss them. The most effective way to protect the theme to clean your hand frequently also can avoid outdoor for any kind of minor work. Only go outside or market if you hardly need it but that time you need to focus your hand to avoid accidentally touching your nose, eye, and mouth.

Now talking about myths

Extreme cold weather can’t kill New Coronavirus

There are some myths we hear that extremely cold weather can kill new coronavirus. But unfortunately, it’s totally wrong because of Normal body temperature is 36.5-degree centigrade to 37-degree. so The virus can easily survive in this situation.

Hot bath can’t remove Coronavirus

Because extremely hot water can harm our body and burn our skin, we can not take a bath with hot water. The normal temperature of the water is 20 degrees. so we can tolerate a maximum of 40 degrees. so this is not a solution to this virus.

The new coronavirus can’t transfer by mosquito bites

This kind of virus is a respiratory virus. This virus only spread when the infected person coughs and sneezes. This is not spread by biting or connection of blood.

Is UV Ray kill new Coronavirus?

UV rays can’t sterilize hand or disinfect. It causes hand irritation.

Is alcohol spray kill coronavirus?

No, alcohol doesn’t kill this virus. cause, the virus already entered your body and blood cell. Alcohol is useful to clean the surface.

Is Garlic prevent coronavirus?

There is no evidence that garlic prevents coronavirus, but this has good antibacterial food for blood cell and uses a face mask

At this time there is not any specific medicine to protect against coronavirus, but there are many researchers doing research to invent medicine against this virus. SARS and MARSE medicine are doing well against this virus. so there is a hope.

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