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How to improve your mental health

Do you know that taking care of your mental health is as important to a long healthy life as taking care of your physical health? Mental health and physical health are interrelated. Poor physical health can affect on your well being of mental health. Similarly poor mental health can negatively impact on your physical health.

Here we will discuss the different ways to improve your mental health

  • The ways that improves mental health-

How important is it to look after your mental health? Obviously, the way you value yourself and how much happy you are in all aspects of your life.

                Nowadays people lead an unhealthy lifestyle. People drink more alcohol, smoke more. People are also suffer from poor self esteem and depression and from this situation they think about suicide and even try it.

The different ways that improve your mental health

Well, It’s impossible to give magical answer to stop this depressive feelings and how to stop it. But there are some tips that people can do in their everyday life and can improve mental health.

Habit to eat healthy:

When we hear about eating healthy foods, we always think about healthy salads, vegetables, fruits etc. Eating healthier does not mean eating only boiled vegetables or salads, It’s about getting balance right. There are certain foods that improve your mental health. They are:

  • Chocolates-  Historically, chocolate has been recognized as a vasodilator, that means that it widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure in the long run. Moreover there are some science behind the theory “ Chocolates make us happy”: eating dark chocolate reduce stress hormones, it may positively affect mood and relieve depressive symptoms.
  • Carbohydrates- There’s some myths about carbohydrates (carbs) that it makes us fat but this is not true at all. Carbs can boost our mood. In some study, it can be seen that, people who for a long year followed a very low carbohydrate diet – which is only 20 to 40 grams of carbohydrates daily, about the amount in just half cup of rice and one piece of bread- experienced more anxiety, depression and anger than those who consumed high carb diet. This “ high carb diet” refers to low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruit and beans.
  • Coconut- When you are stressed, the scent of coconut may blunt your natural ‘fight or flight’ response, slowing your heart rate. In many researches it can be seen people who are stressed recover more quickly after smelling the fragrance of coconut.
  • Tea- ‘Tea’ is not a food. We all know it as energy drink. Moreover, tea has ‘Theanine’ an amino acid present in tea which may change your state of mind, improve your attention and focus.
  1. Sleep: “Sleep” should be an obvious one. You need about seven to eight hours of sleep at night. But a recent study shows that we are not getting enough sleep in a day. We get only five to six hours of sleep in a day that can be harm on our mental as well as physical health. So go to bed an hour earlier if you can. Those extra minutes can help to improve our health.
  2. Exercise: To do exercise does not mean you have to go gym daily or make the body. In some researches it’s proven that do moderate exercise can improve our self esteem. So, when you feel low or depressed just put your shoes on, turn on your music and go for a 30 minutes walk. It can change your mood. If you like it turn this walk into a jog, in this way sweat the badness away.
  3. Talk to someone: It is one of the important part to be happy. The biggest thing you can do improve your mental health is to talk someone how you are feeling. That can be your friend, your family member or counsellor if indeed. You don’t need to be feel lonely, there are many people who are willing to listen your problems.
  4. Listening music: This is most important thing to improve your mental health. It’s proven that listening music and creating music can have various effects on mood and mental health. There’s a therapy called ‘Music Therapy’. It can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain as well asimprove sleep quality, mood swings and memory.

And lastly, avoid unhealthy lifestyle, do what you want to do for your happiness, keep smiling and spread joy over your surroundings.

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